What we do............

We re-build soils and regenerate land,

Use animals to fertilise your land,

Control invasive plants,

Stimulate and re-seed your pasture,

Irrigate your land

Re-build and clean water catchments,

Custom graze your animals on your land in daily rotations.  All without chemicals.  

We never stop learning in life, and we are certainly still learning as we farm.  

We now know that there are better ways to farm, that are good for the land and for your animals. Let us share what we have learnt with you.

Over the past few years though, we have developed a wealth of knowledge and skills in holistic farm management that we are happy to share with anyone interested.

Please get in touch with us for some free advice, come and visit our farm and see how we do things, or ask us for a quote to help you manage your farm using holistic, regenerative grazing principles and practices.  

We are always looking for new land to lease and farm, so please get in touch if you want your land rejuvenated, or your animals custom grazed on your own land.


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